Chimney & Pot Repairs

chimney repair brightonYour chimney takes a battering from wind, rain and all weather conditions.
Chimneys are often a cause of problems on a roof as the expand and contract with the differing temperatures throughout the year. They can also be damaged by nesting birds.

If your chimney is in regular use with an open fire it will be more susceptible to damage over time.

Regular inspections are recommended to stop damage occurring but often it is only when there is an issue that we get called in.

If you spot damp patches on chimney breasts inside your home this is often a sign of a problem. Thankfully cracks and external damage are fairly easy to repair in the majority of cases.

We can carry out the following repair work to your chimney:

  • Cracked external mortar
  • Repointing
  • Dislodged chimney bricks
  • Brickwork replacement
  • Damaged chimney pot replacement
  • General chimney stack repairs

Remember those small problems like a crack or missing brick can often lead to a much larger, costly issue forming so get the small repairs done while they are still small issues.

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