Slate Roofing Repairs Brighton

slate roofing brightonWe provide a full slate roofing service, including those small repairs to chipped tiles and complete re-roofing of slate tiled roofs.

Slate tiles are held in place with  nauled and these can become corroded over time which leads to tiles dislodging or cracking as they move.

This in tern allows water seepage and needs to be repaired quickly to prevent further damage.

Slate roof tiles will also deteriorate with age and you will find they take on a white or powder coloured appearance which often indicates they need to be replaced.

We can carry out the following slate roof tasks:

  • Repairs to slate roofs
  • Restoring slate roofs
  • New slate roofs
  • Slate re-roofing
  • Mortar replacement on ridges

Slate Roof Repairs

Our slate roof repair services cover all aspects required to keep a slate roof in watertight and effective condition. We have competitive prices and work swiftly to ensure your roof is watertight and has no leaks that could produce further complications if left unchecked.

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